142900849In my life I was not blessed with sisters.

I have a brother whom I love dearly, and I’m so grateful for him; however, I always, always wanted a sister.

Over the course of my life I’ve learned that sisters of the soul are equally precious and I value them beyond words.  These friends…these girlfriends…are my sisters.

Men have been trying to understand women since the dawn of time.  They never fully will be able to because we speak our own language.  We have a sort of shorthand speak that only we can translate.

We also have no budget when it comes to spending our words.  They flow freely and descriptively and include details that most speech conserving males just can’t fathom.  “Why take 10 minutes to tell someone that you went to the store?”  Well, we can tell you why…but it will take at least 20.

So the next time you encounter a bevy of us, just smile and move on.  We’re too busy enjoying each other’s company to do more – however; play your cards right and you may be a part of our next conversation.  Big wink.


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