plan“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” 

Allen Saunders

It’s always interesting to hear the plans of other people.  I wonder where they are planning to travel, where they are planning to move, what they are planning in their careers…and then I send up a silent prayer that their plans succeed.

There is a necessity in planning – it’s a responsible thing to do.  We have to plan ahead to pay our bills, to make our meals, to get ahead in life; however, we need to understand that we need to be flexible.

We must teach ourselves to bend with the wind that life blows our way.  We need to understand that, not all unplanned events are bad for our lives.  Sometimes the most unplanned things turn into our greatest blessings.

So, go ahead and make that five year plan, chart out that once-in-a-lifetime vacation – just be prepared for a few unexpected stops and starts along the way.  And while you’re taking that unwanted pause – take a moment to look around and see what you can learn from the moment.


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