The Power of Words

News100610WordsWho remembers when magnetic poetry was a big craze?

You could hardly walk into a kitchen without seeing the current masterpiece on the fridge, “I have a hairy smile.”  Pure awesomeness.  Unfortunately, the stainless steel craze sort of killed that one.

The thing that those little magnets taught us is this – there is power in words.  Power to cause laughter, to cause a sigh, to cause anger, to cause love… The list goes on.

I learned at a very young age that my words can either be used to help build up or to tear down.  To teach or to ridicule.  To love or to hate.  The old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a lie, plain and simple.

The problem with words is that we have an unlimited amount we can use.  We must measure our words and use them wisely.  What may feel great for a moment can leave a scar that never heals. Children who are brought up in an environment of negative words will replay them for decades to come.  It’s not the positive words we often take to heart, it’s the negative ones.  This causes self-defeating behavior and self-talk.  Words have a very real, long term effect.

This comes to play in the work environment as well.  People who work for employers who are stingy with compliments but free with harsh words are less productive.  They are less creative and less willing to implement money saving changes.  Those employers are causing to pass the very thing that they so desperately wish to avoid.  Kudos go a long way – hand them out freely and often.

It’s your choice as to how you will use this power – I hope and pray you use it to encourage, to love, to empower, to embolden.

Words change lives. Words matter. Words begin and end wars.

Think before you speak.


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