Are Prancer and Dancer One and the Same?

1834109There is a petite woman named Joanna Rohrback.  One day she was out for her usual power walk and she got a little bored.  One of her favorite songs came on and she decided that, rather than her usual walk, she would just prance instead.  Prancercise was born.

The birth of a long-term fitness craze?  Perhaps.  A person being joyful while working out?  Most definitely.

She of the white work out pants, pink jacket and leg weights has appeared on many television shows such as Dr. Oz and The Today Show.  She has had countless parodies made of her video, including a pretty good one called, “Prancercise: A Fitness Workout With Thor”.  Check it out – hilarious.

But the real point of this story is this…workouts need not be boring.  You don’t have to go through them wearing a grim, serious face.  It’s quite alright to occasionally break out in a skip or even a prance if the music moves you to do so.

Joanna didn’t care what people thought of her – she was just enjoying the moment.  And, afterall…isn’t that what life’s all about?

(Note: If you are one of the few who hasn’t seen her video yet, go to YouTube and enter the word “Prancercise”.) 




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