The Real Skinny

imagesBack in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the thought of being skinny was looked down upon.

Men and women alike were seeking a magic bullet to help them gain weight.  Men wanted to be muscular and strong and not the 98 pound weakling left alone on the beach.  Women wanted curves and a voluptuousness that was desired by society.

What the heck happened?!?!

Back in those days, the standard American diet was filled with vegetables and complex carbohydrates which kept appetites and calories down and energy high.  The thought of being called “skinny” was very undesirable.

Flash forward to today. During a time when society tells women that the best size to be is zero, this nation has the worst nutritional diet that has ever existed. Highly processed foods, sugars hidden everywhere, portion sizes out of control.

So to help achieve that size, we look for help where we should not. There is a new “magic pill” that people have been taking, it’s called Oxyelite Pro. It is designed to help people lose weight and, instead, they are losing their lives.  The side effects of this over the counter product are frightening. In Hawaii alone, 29 people have suffered liver failure and many more have acquired acute hepatitis.  All of this occurred while in the pursuit of the body society screams for at the moment.

There are no magic pills – unless you own stock in one of the companies that sells these products – they are not of any value and may be of physical harm.  Stay away from them!

To achieve your best body you know what needs to be done – eat well (whole foods, mostly vegetables and good protein) and exercise regularly.  Get plenty of sleep.  Drink lots of water.

Good health is always in fashion.


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