9cdde252767368b41beea2f7ce935f8aImagine a life lived without ever knowing the meaning of fear.

What would you do differently?  What new things would you try?

Isn’t it amazing how differently we view the world as we grow from children to adults?  I remember feeling fearless and predicting great adventures for myself when I was a child.  My favorite goal was to hang glide.  All I could think of was how wonderfully free and bird-like I would be – soaring over the world below.  Fear never entered my mind, just the wonder and joy of such an adventure.

Once I reached the age where I could actually go hang-gliding, reason and fear kicked it.  “Well that looks pretty dangerous…boy, if the wind changes I would crash right into the rocks below.”  Fear won.  I hate when that happens.

Now I’m not saying that fear doesn’t have a purpose at times – it stops us from walking down that dark alleyway alone at night.There is a place for it – but when it comes to new adventures and challenges – it has no place.

I am challenging myself with a new goal – I will not allow fear to be the deciding factor anymore.  If I keep giving in to it I will never again get on an airplane bound for new lands.  I would never reach out to a group of people I have never met.  I will cease to grow and learn and change.  Fear – you lose.

I love the scriptural quote at the top of this post, Proverbs 31:25,  – I am claiming it today as my own.   Join me?


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