Day of Rest

159342835We all have a point that we reach where we simply must rest.

When we are in a period of life in which we work out everyday, we tend to see results very quickly.  We are in a groove and feeling good.  Here’s the problem which sometimes arises though, fatigue and injury.

We need to listen to our bodies and, when they call for it, take a day off.

I’m not saying we should throw caution to the wind on that day, give up on our healthful eating habits, etc.  I’m just saying that it’s okay to allow yourself a day of rest.  Use it to unwind.  Use it to read.  Use it to listen to some really great music, and if the spirit moves, go ahead and dance.  Give your body a good stretch while watching a movie at home.  Go for a slow walk with your camera in hand – see what you can capture.

Rest is important.  Many fitness websites even report that if you are stuck in a weight loss plateau, a day of rest here and there might get your progress moving forward again.

This is day 71 out of 90 for me in this challenge I’ve accepted, I have taken 5 days off.  I don’t feel guilty when I claim a day of rest – although others seem to think I’m “falling off the wagon” or some such thing.  Today I am going to spend some time with a beloved friend and then I’m coming home and playing with my new puppy.  No guilt.

I’ll leave you with this advice…rest and be thankful.  Then get back at it!


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