Grasshopper, what troubles you?

85178560As I ambled down a path in the wetlands yesterday, I noticed that it was the time of the grasshoppers.  They always seem to appear out of nowhere at this time of year and they are everywhere.

As I gingerly walked among them, I notice something interesting…each time I approached one along the path, it would turn to face me.

In the grasshopper’s life, I am the adversity.  I am the one who can do it harm without a moment’s notice.  I am one to be feared, and yet he turns to face me.  If only we would learn from the grasshopper’s example.

Oftentimes in life, when adversity comes our way, we would like nothing better than to burrow beneath the covers in a grand show of avoidance.  That is no way to move past the problem which stands before us.  Like the grasshopper, we need to turn to face that which threatens and take it on rather than run from it or avoid it.

There are so many lessons in life that we can learn by observing nature – this might be one of my favorites.  And to quote Master Po, I would end with this…

“Peace lies not in the world, Grasshopper. But in the man who walks the path.”


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