Show Your True Colors

108114096Naval History teaches us that early warships often carried flags from many nations on board in order to elude or deceive the enemy. The rules of civilized warfare called for all ships to hoist their actual national ensign before firing a shot. They were required to show their true colors.

In our everyday lives it would be helpful if people we meet had to show their true colors before “firing a shot” at us, wouldn’t it? Although it would be even better if we weren’t lured in by the false colors to begin with?  Imagine how the political scene would be different, eh? 

Since we have no control over the way others present themselves, the only thing we can control is to show our own true colors to those we meet each day.  We need to be true to who we are and we need to present that rather than what we think others want to see.

It’s tempting, at times, to wear the colors of those we wish to attract into our lives – socially, in business, out in public – we like to fit in, to belong.  But we need to remember that if we need to “fly false colors” in order to belong we are not in the right place.

The flags of a nation are so important that people have died to honor them.  You need to value your true self enough to protect who you really are and to be proud to fly your true colors each and every day.

To quote Cyndi Lauper, “.. don’t be afraid to let them show…your true colors are beautiful…”


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