respectre·spect  (r-spkt)

 re·spect·ed, re·spect·ing, re·spects

1. To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.

Whenever I hear the word “respect” I think of two things, my elders and Aretha Franklin. Can’t help it, it’s just the way it is.  Either way, it’s often considered to be something that we give away.
Before we can offer something, we need to possess it, correct?  So my challenge for today is this:  before you can offer respect to another, you must have it for yourself.  Don’t sell yourself short – you are important, vital, valuable and, well, respectable.
Remember to regard yourself as special, because you are.  Remember to love yourself and treat yourself in a respectful way.  No negative self-talk, no condemnation, just a whole lot of love and encouragement.
Try not to get yourself into situations which will lower your self-respect.  You know when you’re about to walk through that kind of dark door – so don’t do it.  It’s important to remember that the way we treat ourselves is how others will treat us.  If you live with an attitude of self-respect, you will be respected – not always, but often.
Now as my mind wanders back to Miss Franklin’s song, I’ll leave you with this…take care T-C-B.

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