What Once Was Lost

712115357_tpMy dad is a genealogist.  Not by profession, but by passion.

Through his decades of research and digging, he has revealed our family history – layer by layer – back to the 1600’s.  This is no easy feat, let me tell you.  He was moderately sure that he had found just about everything there was to find in the archaeological dig that is historical research…he was, surprisingly, incorrect.

A few days ago he received an email from a distant relative on my mother’s side who is a part of the Crosby roots.  She had just been informed that someone recently sold an ancient family bible on ebay and she was distraught that it had left the family.

There must be a little Sherlock Holmes in me as I began doing my own digging. I was on a mission to find that bible that had been lost.

Guess what?  Found it!

I was able to find the bible which had been purchased and re-listed for sale.  With the help of my brother we were able to purchase it again and bring it back into the family fold.

This bible is in very bad shape on the outside.  The cover is crumbling, a few of the pages are missing…but for a bible that goes back to 1772…not so bad after all.  Within the pages are family history which covers the American Revolution.

History, as you may have guessed, is near the top of the list in my family.  We think roots are very important and we know ours well; however, we are hoping to learn a few new things about our family tree through this amazing find.

What once was lost indeed was found.  How apropos.


The Other Side of the Dot

about-usIf you look at your life as you would look at a timeline, it is filled with dots.

Some of the dots are celebrations, many of the dots are average, nothing special, days. Every now and then there are dots that resemble a solar eclipse – blocking out all of the light. Days filled with darkness and difficulty and pain.

Those days are the most difficult to shake off.  They are painful and burdensome times that we’d rather forget, yet there they are – dots on the line.

As you travel the path of your life, you will meet people who have experienced similar “dots” in their lives.  They can help you get to the other side of the dot.  They can tell you how they were able to overcome and move past the painful times.  You can look at them and think, “If they did it, so can I”.   They will help you if you ask.   Ask.

Someday someone else will come along – probably on one of your average, nothing special, days.  They will need you to help them get to the other side of the dot they are currently standing upon.  Help them.

Take the time to share your experiences.  Don’t sugar coat them – be truthful.  Don’t say such things as, “this too shall pass”, but rather, “this is hard, let me help you move past this.”

I believe our experiences along this time line of life are not accidental.  I believe that every experience – yes, every one – can be used for good.  The experiences you conquered while in a state of brokenness can be used to help someone who is hurting get to the other side of their own dot.

Enjoy the ordinary ones – and the next time a big, dark dot comes along – remember that you are strong enough to get past it.  You’ve done it before one step at a time.


90 Days – Lost & Found

90 Day Collage290 days ago I took up a challenge.  Since then, I’ve lost 18 pounds.  What’s more important than what I’ve lost, is what I’ve found.

90 days ago I didn’t realize how strong I was, but the strength I found wasn’t just physical – I found spiritual and mental strength as well.

Over these past 3 months I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned many excellent new ways to tend to my health, my body and my soul.  I’ve met some amazing new people, learned a lot from some knowledgeable professionals and have re-ignited my passion for writing.

I have really enjoyed this 90-Day journey. I highly recommend it.

Another great challenging change was learning how to write code so that I can create my own website.  I will launch the new site within the next several weeks.

Stay tuned, keep reading, send me your comments – I really appreciate them, and I hope you’ll “share” when you feel inspired.

Lastly, please challenge yourself to make changes of your own so you can lead your very best life.  You all inspire me daily.  I hope I can return the favor.

Peace out…until tomorrow, that is.



142900849In my life I was not blessed with sisters.

I have a brother whom I love dearly, and I’m so grateful for him; however, I always, always wanted a sister.

Over the course of my life I’ve learned that sisters of the soul are equally precious and I value them beyond words.  These friends…these girlfriends…are my sisters.

Men have been trying to understand women since the dawn of time.  They never fully will be able to because we speak our own language.  We have a sort of shorthand speak that only we can translate.

We also have no budget when it comes to spending our words.  They flow freely and descriptively and include details that most speech conserving males just can’t fathom.  “Why take 10 minutes to tell someone that you went to the store?”  Well, we can tell you why…but it will take at least 20.

So the next time you encounter a bevy of us, just smile and move on.  We’re too busy enjoying each other’s company to do more – however; play your cards right and you may be a part of our next conversation.  Big wink.


plan“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” 

Allen Saunders

It’s always interesting to hear the plans of other people.  I wonder where they are planning to travel, where they are planning to move, what they are planning in their careers…and then I send up a silent prayer that their plans succeed.

There is a necessity in planning – it’s a responsible thing to do.  We have to plan ahead to pay our bills, to make our meals, to get ahead in life; however, we need to understand that we need to be flexible.

We must teach ourselves to bend with the wind that life blows our way.  We need to understand that, not all unplanned events are bad for our lives.  Sometimes the most unplanned things turn into our greatest blessings.

So, go ahead and make that five year plan, chart out that once-in-a-lifetime vacation – just be prepared for a few unexpected stops and starts along the way.  And while you’re taking that unwanted pause – take a moment to look around and see what you can learn from the moment.


halloween_0001loIt’s not hard to remember the first time I put on a mask.  It was 1965 and I was Cinderella. At least the world thought I was Cinderella, actually I was all sweaty and uncomfortable underneath it all, but BOY I looked great!

As Halloween draws near, children – and some adults – search far and wide for the perfect costume. Halloween is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Nowadays, it is a way to get free candy.

I remember watching ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!’ as a child.  Lucy says we each should choose a costume that’s in direct opposition to our true self.  She chose to be a witch – joke was on her.  So there is some truth in the masks we wear – not the Halloween variety, the social variety.

Why do we hide our authentic selves?  What is it about our true selves that we find so hard to share with others.  Does it harken back to the playground when all we wanted was for people to like us?  I think that’s a big part of it.

When we do this, when we hide, we can’t possibly be truly authentic because we are molding ourselves to be the “person” that others will love, accept, and approve of.  Not our true self.  This is unhealthy and it’s also deceptive.

It is only when we value our true selves that we find our true self, our true beauty and our true power.  You are enough just as you are.

So the next time someone asks you how you are feeling, tell them the truth.  The next time you are in a social situation and you find yourself disagreeing – speak up!  Don’t bow to the moment – stand up for your authentic self.  You may not win any friends, but you will develop a lot of self esteem and a sense of truth.

So go ahead and choose a mask for Halloween…but when the night comes to a close, take it off and leave it off.

And always remember…there are no ghosts to fool, and the true you is BOO-tiful.



IMG_7275ser·en·dip·i·ty  (srn-dp-t)  noun

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

I showed up early for a class.  I had received an email telling me we’d be meeting at 6 pm. No one was there.  I went to sit and wait and in walked another woman.  “Oh good,” I thought, “I’m not the only one.”  As she approached me, we both realized we’d received the same email.  Funny thing is…the email was wrong.  We were, apparently, the only two who received the erroneous one.  
As we sat and waited for the class to start at the actual time (6:30) we began chatting. We had so much in common.  I knew this would be a really great friend.  Serendipity.
These things happen all of the time in our lives.  Usually we miss such happy incidents because, rather than rolling with the flow, we get mad and complain or go home.
The next time you are put off by a delay, a wrong turn, a missed bus…breathe.  Take a minute to see what it is that you were put there to see.  I don’t believe in  luck – I do believe in serendipity though.
Here are a few serendipitous discoveries – accidental but important:
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Brandy
  • Teflon
  • Microwave Oven
  • Penicillin
  • Potato Chips

Now the importance of these discoveries may vary, subjectively, but they are all a part of our modern, every day lives.

So don’t fight those wrong turns you make – there may be a best friend just around the corner.