Elegant white dandelion wallpapers 640x480 (03)Have you heard the story about the blindfolded men who had an elephant placed before them?  They all touched the elephant…one felt the tail and thought there was a piece of rope before him.  Another touched a leg and thought he was feeling the trunk of a tree. One touched a tusk and thought it was a pipe.  Funny thing is – it was always an elephant.

When we keep our mental eyes closed in our view of life – when we keep the blindfold on – we tend to be mistaken, oftentimes, because we don’t have all the facts. Sometimes we are absolutely correct. Sometimes, we need to adjust our viewpoint.

It’s very easy to establish what we believe as absolutely correct in such a way as to never be open to hearing the perspective of another.  That makes me quite sad. And, might I say, that by hearing them – truly hearing them – it doesn’t make us wrong and them right, it just makes us open to understanding them better, seeing their viewpoint. In the case of our foundational beliefs – our personal tenets – hold strong to those, build on those – but never use those beliefs to injure another.  Never. Do remember this….sometimes those we cannot understand may have a thing or two to teach us – and sometimes it’s the other way around.  Both can be beneficial, but we first must meet each other where we are – in our individual truths – before we can truly communicate.

So the next time you come across a dandelion – be it actual or metaphorical – remind yourself of this…where you see a weed, someone else sees a wish.


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