The Critic

roger-ebert-2-600You’ve heard the voice…”You look awful!”…”You’re fat!”…”What has happened to you?!”

You know that voice well, and you should – because it’s your own.

We women are especially good at self-criticism – although I’m sure men are a very close second.  We give everyone else a break, but not ourselves.  Why is that?

A little criticism can be a good motivator to move forward or achieve goals, but along with that, we also need to be kind and uplifting with our self-speak.  We mainly do this because we are disappointed in ourselves for failing to do the things we so strongly wish we would do.  We have every intention of following through, but we don’t give ourselves permission to have any road bumps or set-backs along the way.  This is a mistake.

In order to move ahead we must experience trial and error along the way.  Sometimes we will be sailing along, true to course and seeing the  finish line in the distance and then BAM!  Something causes the anchor to drop.  We didn’t plan on it – it just happened.

So rather than immediately reverting to that voice of the critic – use the voice of the coach.  “You look pretty good for only getting 2 hours of sleep last night.”…”You’re doing great on your weight loss goal – one slip up doesn’t mean failure.”…”You look pretty good for your age!”  After those encouraging words, put on a smile – it’s nature’s perfect cosmetic.

And remember one thing, you’ve tried being your own worst critic for all these years and it hasn’t been very successful at encouraging change – from now on, try approving of yourself and see what happens.


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