Bad News?

172169521The headlines scream at us everyday:  “Budget Crisis!”  “War on the Horizon!” “Flu Epidemic!” “Job Cuts!”  “Shootings!” It’s enough to make you depressed…and it can do just that.

When we focus on the negatives of life a majority of the time, our mind begins to despair and fear.  We suffer such ailments as headaches and sleeplessness, bad moods, despondency.  This is, indeed, bad news.

We have a choice here, though.  We get to choose what we take into our minds on a daily basis.  According to experts,  one of the number one things NOT to do before bed is watch the news.  It gets our mind on a bad track.  It makes it difficult to tune out and turn off our mind in order to rest.

If you feel compelled to read some news before you go to bed, try the visiting the websites “” or “”.  They are  filled with stories of encouragement and victories rather than sad news and defeatism.  Give it a try. It doesn’t mean you will see life through rose-colored glasses, it means you are seeking out the positive rather than allowing the negative to come in.

I truly believe that we can choose to see evil or choose to see goodness in any given situation.  Even though there may be a central villain, there’s usually also a hero.

Look for the hero.


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