113973Do you ever open your eyes in the morning and all you can picture is the mountain of the day that is before you?

It’s hard to move at all – the difficulty of the day is too big to face.  What do you do?

Just remember this – we are all mountain climbers.  Some days our mountains seem to be diminished, some days they seem to have grown exponentially over night.  Did they? Or is it all in your mind?  Perhaps it’s not as drastic as you believe it to be.  Perhaps it is. Perhaps the day will bring perspective.

So you lift off the covers, drop your feet to the floor…and stand.  May I say the battle has just been won.  You didn’t give in – you stood up to it.  Bravo!

Sometimes this is all we can do.  Sometimes this is all that’s required of us.

So plop those feet on the floor and venture forth.  You won’t be alone.  You can do this – and when you do.  You will move mountains!



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