Gold Stars

WP_20130911_001When we were in elementary school, smiley faces and gold stars on our graded papers were much needed encouragement.

Today I got a figurative gold star.  I am the women’s weight loss leader at our LifeTime Fitness club.  “Chestermama” is my nickname.  At this point I’m feeling pretty happy; however, we cannot rest on our gold stars.

Challenges and changes take a lot of time.  There really should not be an “end” to the changes we are striving for in life.  There should be milestones, i.e. 90 days or the first 15 pounds, etc – but we constantly need to strive for the next goal.

So high fives all around from the trainers today – yeehaw – but right after the high fives came another killer workout (Thanks Chris).

Gold stars peel off and smiley faces fade away – but they are reminders that we’re on the right path.

So for those of you who are joining me in this 90-Day Challenge in one form or another – I bestow upon you your own gold star.  “Good Job!”  “Keep It Up!”

Now, continue.



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