Dr. Mike

d29a03634a4fbc35c2ae6754b2cbe708“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~Thomas Edison

Today was my visit to see Dr. Mike, the Chiropractor.

I’ve never seen one in my life and was a little leery of what would take place and what he would try to “sell” me.  Within a minute or two, all of the skepticism was erased and I was so pleased to see that we were on exactly the same page.

He started off by looking over my patient info sheet and then asked me to tell him about my health – what do I eat, do I exercise, how often, what kind of exercise, do I have any chronic pain or health issues, what medications am I on, etc.

After I told him about my experience so far in the 90 -Day Challenge and how I’ve totally revamped my way of eating and living, I thought he was going to dance.  “You just cut out about 15 minutes of my speech”, he said.  Most people see Dr. Mike and they are seeking a quick fix with minimal change on their part.  They are seeking a “magic pill”.  He went on to tell me that my diet and my exercise plan were THE most important part of my wellness and that heredity and other issues were a very small part.

In other words, I have the power to effect change in my life if I’m up to doing the work.

When I told him that I have a doctor who is a runner and who also visits a chiropractor – he was so happy.  I also told him that my doctor does not believe in “medicate first, ask questions later” – he’s a very conservative prescription writer.  Again, very happy.

My goal is to use every tool available to me that will help me avoid medications and illnesses and chronic pain.  I want to use a natural or holistic approach.  I would like to get off my high blood pressure medication.  He said that was a real possibility.

I also found out that the lower back pain I’ve had for years and years is most likely muscular in nature and should be able to be alleviated through muscle re-training.  Love that!

Now I know that medical doctors are extremely important and help save lives daily, but I also know that (as a nation) we drastically overuse the medical system to treat things that we can handle on our own.  We could save $750 billion a year in this county alone if we learned how to best care for our bodies and then actually followed through.  Imagine what that money could be better used for.  Really…imagine it.  Schools, infrastructure, lower college costs, energy reform…it’s limitless.

So, a new adventure for me – I’ll let you know how it goes.  Hopefully Dr. Mike can help make me a more well-adjusted person.  (I know, “groan”.)


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