Brand New Bag

WP_20130907_002Papa’s  Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag.  Yeow!

Yesterday as we were grocery shopping at our local Whole Foods Market, I glanced into the cart and smiled.  What a change. Here’s a picture of our latest haul from the store.

In the past, our cart would have held a lot of low-fat, sugar-free foods.  Several frozen “lean” entrees.  Diet soda, chips, crackers – carbs galore.

Here are some the things that were in our cart today:

  1. Mostly produce:  Celery, fresh corn, yams, romaine lettuce, potatoes, peppers, apples, broccoli, green onions, purple butter lettuce (for wraps).  All organic.
  2. Nitrate free bacon – yep, I was encouraged by the nutritionist to get bacon.
  3. Wild (not farmed) sword fish steak, center cut pork chops (high standards for all meats at this store)
  4. Organic chicken and vegetable stock, organic white beans, black beans and diced tomatoes. Organic chilis, tomatillos and salsa.
  5. Organic half and half cream (full fat – skip the fat-free).
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (in a dark bottle to stop it from breaking down – grab one from the back of the shelf!)
  7. Stevia sweetner (Truvia brand – zero calories, not chemically made, comes from a plant)
  8. Organic Instant Oatmeal
  9. Freshly made (in the store) strawberry lemonade
  10. Gluten free Udi’s snickerdoodles (our one treat splurge – yum)
  11. Hemp Seeds – yes, that hemp.  Have to be grown and shipped in from Canada because they are illegal to grow, but not sell, here.  They are great on salads and offer vegetarian protein, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.  They are yummy.

This is like night and day for our pantry – filled with organic, whole foods instead of low nutrition/processed food like substances.

And to quote James Brown just one more time…

“I feel good…like I knew that I would now!”

P.S.  Remember to take your own shopping bags and the savings (10 cents per bag) will be donated to a local charity – another added bonus!


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