Red Fish, Blue Fish, Me Fish Too Fish?

redfishbluefishI’m quite often asked how my workouts afford staying in shape but not getting bored.

Variety, friends, is the key to my plan – I mix up and match up as best as I can.

Floor work and free weights and running galore – Pilates and Yoga, but WAIT, there is more!

Most people stick to the same ruts and rules, avoiding the benefits offered by pools.

“I cannot swim.”  “I look bad in my suit!” “That’s for old people”  “I want to look cute!”

I’ll give you 10 reasons to help change your mind – I’m hoping an optional workout you’ll find.

  1. No impact to knees or elbows or bums – all ages can do it even if they’re all thumbs.
  2. Increase your muscle tone, increase your strength – all this within time that’s a reasonable length.
  3. Improved flexibility will happen real soon – easier movement will be your new boon.
  4. A heart that is healthy, it isn’t a stumper, swimming will help you to strengthen your pumper.
  5. Water burns calories (up to 15 per minute) you’ll start to slim down every second you’re in it.
  6. Helps out your lungs to take in more air – if you have asthma, it can help with that there.
  7. Cholesterol levels will start to improve – swimming is one way – just get up and move!
  8. If you have diabetes or if you are prone, swimming can help keep your levels in zone.
  9. Relieves you of stress so you will not shout – up go endorphins – relax now, chill out.
  10. Swimming is something you can do for life – babies and teens, a husband and wife.

So if you are looking to try something new – jump in or dive in – be a fish too!



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