Every ride has a view

DSC03238As we pass through life sometimes we feel bogged down in the “every day” of it all.

We feel as though things are boring and uninteresting and repetitive.  I challenge that.

This life we are a part of…this ride we’re on…it’s really quite a trip.  The trick is to keep your eyes wide open and notice all the wonderful things that are going on around you and that are unique to you.

Every ride has a view.

What is the view you have today?  Is it an office cubicle?  Is it a kitchen?  Is it a playroom filled with young children?  Stop.  Breathe.  Observe.

The photo I chose for today is from the top of the London Eye ferris wheel.  It was a very memorable day for me and had quite the view.  However, you don’t have be at the top of a ferris wheel to see amazing things. Look around as though you were looking through a camera lens – where would your eye stop and snap a photo?  Treasure that up.  File it away.  Look for a life lesson in the ordinary.

Several years ago I was challenged by a friend to spend 40 days observing the ordinary and to write about it each night.  Out of this challenge came a devotional book.  I haven’t published it yet – however it has been used to help others and inspire them time and time again.  Hopefully, one day I will actually get the thing published.  I would love that, although it’s not necessary to the lessons I learned.  I was enjoying the view set before me and it was awesome.

So – take this challenge and try to find something unique in your view each and every day. Write it down – make a list.  You’ll be surprised at how extraordinary the ordinary can truly be.



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