EggDollIn the business world, downsizing is not a positive thing.  In the world of weight loss – it is a most excellent thing.

After one month of working very hard and eating a more nutritious diet, I have lost nearly 14 pounds.  That’s a lot of pressure taken off my knees – for every 1 pound lost, 4 pounds of pressure is taken off of the knee joints.  That’s 56 pounds of pressure.

It feels great, my clothes are baggy – I’ve actually dropped almost 2 sizes. However, I know that now is not the time to lie back and coast.  Now is the time to work even harder.

Because of the weight loss my workouts are more efficient.  Because of the weight loss I am stronger and faster.  Because of the weight loss I feel and look better.

I like to think of the pounds lost as peeling back the layers of what’s slowing me down.  Like a Russian Stacking Doll, the real me is at the center and I have to work to find that inner me, that potential best.

So far, I’ve had some fun in the process.  Here’s to the next layer coming off!


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