The Thief

wisewordsBeware of The Thief – it lurks around every corner.

Thief is sneaky – it takes on surprising shapes and comes around when you least expect it.  Thief is after only one thing…your joy. Thief has a name – it is  “Comparison”.

When we are on a tough journey such as weight loss, addiction cessation, major life changes – we are often traveling alone.  Others may be physically near to us – but spiritually, this is our journey to take.  If you are a person of faith, such as I, you may lean on God to help you through.  I believe He will do just that – however, there are some steps you must take in faith by yourself.

When we allow Comparison into our journey – we are setting ourselves up for failure.  When we look at someone else who seems as though they are traveling the same path as us but at a much easier pace – we become jealous.  That pushes us backwards.

When we compare our life with another’s – we lose sight of how precious and meaningful our own life is.  It is ours and ours alone – no one will ever walk in your shoes or travel the paths you go down in quite the same way.  You are unique.  You are a treasure.

Don’t let Comparison steal that treasure or the joy you hold within your spirit.

Keep at your goals – step after step…one at a time…  You will reach your goal.

Just make sure when you arrive at that place your joy is still intact.



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