Who are your 3?

stock-footage-three-carefree-girls-dancing-on-the-beach-at-sunset-in-silhouette-fpsI learned a long time ago that as I travel down this road of life it’s nice to have company.

When I first started walking the road of adulthood, those walking along with me were similar in most ways…age, marital status, parents, economic status.  It was nice but I didn’t feel like I was growing or learning – life was status quo.

It was then that I met an older woman – probably in her 50’s at the time while I was in my 20’s – and I realized what was missing.

We each need our “3”.  “Three what?” you ask.  Three special friends.

At any given time we should be walking and sharing our lives with one who is further along life’s road than we are, one who is similar and walking beside us, and one who is a little behind us in life whom we can help mentor.

I’ve found this to be especially helpful during this time of challenges and changes.

Just this morning I spent some time with a young woman who is probably close to 30 years younger than me – she is a wonderful example of discipline and fitness for me. She is in the National Guard and she works out almost every day – but her workouts are focused and intentional.  So from her, I learn those wonderful traits and they help and encourage me and I hope I can encourage her about non-fitness related things.

Then I have a few close friends, one in particular, who is my age.  She and I are able to share things that others cannot understand or relate to.  Usually when one needs lifted up, the other is there to do just that.  Her friendship is a treasure to me.

I also have a friend who is about 25 years ahead of me in life.  The lessons she has to offer me are priceless.  She helps me to let go of the worries and unnecessary struggling in my life when it’s not called for.  She calms me.  I am able to help her with some needs that her body can no longer handle – I adore her and am so thankful for her.

When you have these 3 in your life, you will be nurturing others with your friendship as they nurture you – body, mind and spirit.

Three are definitely NOT a crowd – they’re a blessing.


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