tumblr_li9u3r1L7p1qe74s4o1_500Have you been placed in a box?  Not literally, but figuratively, by your friends and family?

In general, we humans love familiarity.  That’s why, when we meet a new person, we quickly try to figure them out and categorize them.  It’s not a prejudicial thing, it’s a brain thing.  It’s called “person perception” or sometimes “social perception”.  The definition says this:  “A term used in psychology to refer to the various mental processes that we use to create impressions of others. This term also captures the conclusions and judgements we make about other people.”

So as you are going through changes, improvements in your life – there may be some discomfort on the part of those who know you best.  At heart, they kind of want you to stay in that figurative box in which they’ve placed you.

Perhaps you’ve always been the jolly, happy-go-lucky, chubby pal.  You’ve never cared about nutrition and you may have poked fun at others who do care.  Now you are morphing in to someone else.

So as you see transformation toward the positive in your life, be aware that some of the attitude that might be thrown your way is not your fault, it’s because changes involve everyone around you too.  Give them time or give them the boot (if you can) if they begin to bring you down.  Sometimes when we go through a process of change, we begin to notice that we have a few toxic relationships and, perhaps, we’re better off without them.

And as David Bowie once wrote:

“I still don’t know what I was waiting for…”


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