The “KEYS” To Success

 3630587687_faf85bcc40Our lives are made up of choices, constant choices.  Think about it – even the keystrokes I take while composing this blog are choices, albeit tiny ones.  

As you are reading this blog, perhaps there is a keyboard sitting directly in front of you.  I seem to find myself in this position quite a bit lately and it suddenly dawned on me that there was a lesson to be learned here.

Remember this…

HOME – Home is your nest, your safe place to be. While you should make it a welcoming place, you should also set it up as a place to succeed at your goals.

CONTROL – You are in control of your choices.  Make only the very best ones.

SHIFT – When you are in a negative frame of mind, shift your way of thinking.  Think positive.

FUNCTION – Take good care of your mind and body so that you may function at your very best each day.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – Allow yourself many chances – you will stumble occasionally – remember there are plenty of “do-overs” ahead of you if you need them.

SPACE – Remember to take a breather each day and give yourself some space to breathe.  Take a walk, take a bath, close your eyes.  This is a necessary component to your sanity.

RETURN – Create routines which are beneficial and return to them each day.  Don’t skip that work out because you’re too tired or too cranky.  Like Nike says, “Just do it!”

BACKSPACE – If you start off the day on the wrong foot, in the wrong frame of mind – take a few steps back and give it another go.

ESCAPE – Try to plan a break from your everyday routine now and then.  You don’t have to fly first-class to Tahiti, perhaps a night away or a long weekend.  It helps to re-charge!

So I offer up to you this fun option for the KEYS to success. I know there are many more, but they aren’t on my keyboard.  Remember to remember when you use this tool each day.

There is wisdom all around us – we just need to look for it.




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