Pet Rocks and Weight Loss


We’ve all been a part of them, have witnessed them, have bought into them and have shaken our head at them.

What is it about them that gets such a large percentage of the population intrigued?

One factor is feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves, another factor is that we want to find a shortcut.

Some of the crazier weight loss fads of recent years are as follows:

  • The Twinkie Diet:  Eat 10 Twinkies a day and you will lose weight because it will only total 1500 calories.  (Downside: No nutritional value whatsoever)
  • The Baby Food Diet: Substitute 2-3 meals a day with baby food – it is low calorie, low sugar, easy to find.  (Downside: Not formulated for adult sized humans, no fiber, taste or crunch.)
  • Ear Stapling: This involves having surgical staples placed in the inner cartilage of the ear. It is believed that they will stimulate the accupressure points that control appetite. (Downside:  Foreign body placed inside you – not good.  Also, after a few weeks the body gets used to the sensation and it is ineffective.)
  • The Cotton Ball Diet:  Eat cotton balls to trick your stomach into feeling full.  (Downside:  Non-nutritional object and potentially intestine blocking.  Dangerous even without the knowledge that they contain no nutrition at all.)
  • The Cabbage Soup Diet:  Follow the recipe to make the soup and eat all you want all day, every day. (Downside:  Again, nutrition…also, I wouldn’t sit next to you anymore.)
  • The Cookie Diet:  By eating this company’s “special” cookies all day and adding in one low calorie meal in the evening – you are “guaranteed to lose 10-15 pounds in no time”.  (Downside:  Bad idea as far as nutrition is concerned – will not keep you satisfied and will not work long-term.  There is one plus…if you have stock in the cookie supply company you will make about $50/week off of each unsuspecting customer who buys into it.)

We all know how to choose healthier food options – we just don’t always do it.  We all know we need to get out there and move every day – we just don’t want to.  There are no shortcuts to good health.  Bottom line:  Garbage in, garbage out.

Do the work.  Eat the right foods and when you exercise, rock it!  (And not the “pet” variety)


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