You Are Beautiful

dove0425On any given day, our opinions about our own beauty change.  One day, we’re feeling quite lovely and happy and our smile shows it.  The next day, due to a comment or a stare, we are feeling quite ugly and sad and our scowl shows it.  What changed?

Imagine a life with no mirrors, with no Vogue Magazine telling us how we should look, with no criticisms about our appearance – what would that be like?

Too much focus is put upon outward appearance in our society today.  There is a new trend with very young women called “thigh gap”.  The true measurement of beauty, in their eyes, is to not have their thighs touch.  The photos are all over social media – they are scary.  The sad truth is that what many of these girls are starving themselves for is physically impossible for the majority – most do not have the bone structure for it, and yet they strive to achieve the unattainable goal.  What have we done to our young girls?

The photo above is from the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign.  It is the result of a woman named Florence describing herself to a sketch artist.  The second sketch is how a stranger described her to the sketch artist.  Self perception can be harmful and so incorrect.

Next time you look into the mirror – instead of focusing on the nose you hate or the saggy skin under your chin or the ears that just don’t seem to sit right – look into your eyes.  Tell yourself this, “You are beautiful”.  Do it daily. Stop comparing yourself to others – there has never been and never will be another you.  Encourage yourself.  Smile more. Look for the goodness you possess and share it.  Often.

And remember to be yourself and quit trying to be someone else.  You are the very best you there is. You are lovely and special and can be fabulous everyday if you so choose. Take some of that lipstick out of your makeup stash and draw a heart on your mirror in the bathroom, right where you look at yourself everyday.  Remember to love yourself.


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