It’s Your Birthday!

nf_birthdaycake_0207birth·day  /ˈbərTHˌdā/ :  a day commemorating the founding or beginning of something.

Think back to when celebrating your birthday was almost as great as Christmas morning…

You knew that it would be a big day – that everyone would help you to celebrate the      “you-ness” of you.  It would be a day of fun and play and even a little time spent looking back on your life. I offer up this thought…today IS your birthday.

Treat each day as a new beginning…a chance to start over. Treat each day as a celebration of your life.  Spend time with family and friends having some fun, playing and remembering good times.

Treasure these moments up in your heart for those days when you don’t feel so much like celebrating – we all have those.  These moments of joy are what help us through those moments of pain.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY – today is all the gift you need.   Now…where’s that cake?           Just kidding.


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