If you like to be weighed in public, raise your hand.

What?  No hands?  Well then join the club.

Today was the first weigh in day for me and I was happy with the results – not as happy as my trainer, Chris – but happy nonetheless.  At the start of this journey, I agreed that my goal was to get healthier which included losing some weight, but also to step out of my comfort zone and see just what this body is capable of doing.

So I’m down 7 pounds and a good percentage of body fat has begun changing to muscle – yesssssssssssss!  I really needed the encouragement that my trainer offered up, but more importantly, I needed the encouragement that my body offered up.  It feels better, lighter, more flexible, stronger.  All good things.

So what’s next?  Well, the Pilates leader just called me and invited me to a free one-hour session tomorrow morning.  Of course I said “yes”!


4 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Congratulations Theresa! I am inspired. But am I inspired enough to unpack my workout gear while in the hotel tonight? At least my workout clothes made it into my luggage on this trip. 🙂

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