Experts and Evaluations


Today I met with a wonderful young woman at Lifetime.  Her name is Lauren and she has a lot of letters as a title, RD, NASM-CPT, PN.  Basically, she is a Registered Dietitian as well as the Assistant Department Head for the Training Staff.  

Before I met with her, I had to fill out a Nutrition Assessment Form…they aren’t kidding around here.  They are very serious about finding out what is the best plan of action for our health and fitness goals.  The questions were quite in depth and involved. I was impressed.

We spent an hour going over my health concerns as well as diet and exercise habits.  It was suggested that I have a metabolic assessment called a “Longevity and Vitality Analysis” as well as to run a “Food Sensitivity Panel”.  All covered by insurance…all done at a Lifetime location.  Awesome. If you are looking for a nutritionist, I recommend Lauren – just ask and I’ll pass along her info.

So my next step will be to have the tests run and then meet with her to discover what’s going on in this body of mine.  There is a history of some medical issues in my extended family, mostly related to weight gain, and I want to learn what I can do to help prevent those issues.

Yet another great tool that was available to me all along and I overlooked all these years.

Like I’ve said before, ask lots of questions…keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and be willing to take a few steps into the unknown.

Like Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.”


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