CRAVINGS-COVERI gotta say…before this challenge started, my cravings were constant.

When I was a little tired, a piece of chocolate, but just one.  When I was frazzled – coffee and a little bite of something with carbs.  When I was upset – ice cream.  And on and on and on.

Of course I always chose the “low fat”  and “low calorie” options because I knew that would help to even things out.  It did not.

So…since I’ve begun this adventure I have given up all foods that contain flour (yep, pasta too) as well as rice (yep, brown too) and all processed sugar.  I have to say – the cravings are completely gone.  I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t the one living through it – but honestly.  Cross my heart.

An added bonus is that I’ve also gotten rid of headaches – not one since I began.  I used a lot of Advil over the years, mostly due to a dull, throbbing headache.  It worked, of course, but I realize it was just masking the real problem.

Tomorrow I’m going in for a food sensitivity test – I’m pretty sure flour will show up.  I’m hoping dairy does not but we’ll see.

I challenge you to try to go a few days without any flour. You’ll be surprised at how many foods contain it – check the label!!  Just that one change may surprise you.  And you will most definitely feel better.

Cross my heart again.


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