Well, what do you know?

Rosie-the-RiveterI am strong.

Didn’t think I was (physically, that is).

Today’s training challenge included over-handed chin ups – 20 reps, 3 times.  When we approached the bar, I laughed out loud, yes I did.  Actually, I may have guffawed.  Trainer Chris would not be deterred.  “You can do this,” he said.  “You’re stronger than you think you are.”  He was right.  I finished the first set and said, “Well, what do you know?”

The funny thing is, I’ve walked past that chin up bar dozens and dozens of times and, on my own, never would have even attempted it.  Guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t alone today.

I looked up the definition of “encouragement” just now and the synonyms are: “praise” “support” “boost” “lift” “endorsement”.  I felt all those things today from Chris.

Help someone out today…encourage them.  Help to give them a lift, even if it’s only a lift to the corners of their mouth.  And try something you don’t think you can do – you may surprise yourself!


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