Making Room for Love

imagesChange is hard.

There aren’t many times in life where change has been forced upon me and I come out happy on the other side.  A few weeks ago, just before I began this challenge, we had to say goodbye to our beloved doggy, Bear.  Bear valiantly fought a battle with cancer, but in the end, cancer won.  Might I say, cancer sucks.

So today we took a road trip to make room for love in our battle-scarred hearts.

We went to Iowa to a little town called Le Mars, the Ice Cream Capitol of the WORLD, mind you.  We went there on a mission to meet a family of Vizslas – beautiful dogs who are also known as “velcro dogs” because they stay so close to their loved ones.  They lived up to their reputation and then some.  Mama’s name was Zanni, Dad’s name was Rusty Griswold – yes, like in the movie “Vacation”.

There were 11, 9 day old pups.  So small and so vulnerable and SO ready to take on the world.  I can’t help wonder where all those little puppy feet will travel in the years to come.  My heart is slowly allowing the hope that maybe, POSSIBLY, one might land here in Minnesota with us.

I wasn’t sure my heart was ready for this, but now I wonder if I can let a chance for love pass by.  Making room for unconditional love…sounds like a win-win to me.

Plus, after 8 hours of travel time, I made time for a 45 minute – brisk walk.  I also stuck with my eating plan today – another challenge when away from home.

Some days, you really CAN have it all.  All that matters, that is.


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