Less Chin. More Spin…Less Rump. More Pump…and hail

Eat Fit Shirt 012613What an interesting evening.

Went to the Eat Fit class lead by an excellent nutritionist last night.

Her sign said, “Less Chin.  More Spin!”  and “Less Rump.  More Pump!” and things along those lines.  It broke the ice in a class filled with strangers all with one goal, to get in shape.

Before class started I met a really nice woman who seemed to be in the same boat as I am…we’ve done this before.  Do we really need to go to a class on nutrition?  Don’t we know what she’s going to say?  Maybe we should just skip it.  But as we sat and talked we realized we really enjoyed talking with each other and decided we should get together – new friend!  Awesome.  Pretty soon the class was starting so we went ahead and joined in.

It was great – there were a lot of new things to learn and she did turn a lot of what we thought we already knew upside down.  Another class to come will be held at Whole Foods.  She promised to do the same thing on that night as well.  Looking forward to shopping with a nutritionist.

And the hail?   Just as class was letting out, it began.  Not little pea sized hail,  GOLF BALL sized hail!  My poor little car took a beating.  But as the storm let up and we walked out together, my new friend said – “Oh well, the cars can be fixed.  But isn’t great that we met?  I don’t think this was an accident.”

Me either.  Very grateful indeed.


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