images (1)So I’ve run headlong into my first “boulder”.  The website which is supposed to support my efforts, is making me bang my head against the wall.

It was intended to give us a wide variety of opportunities which should be used to help along the 90 day path.  So far it has refused to let me in.  “Invalid User”…”Invalid Password”… So I called the club directly, “I know what I’ll do…I’ll go around the system and talk to a person instead.”  WRONG.  Person transfers me to another person, but in order to talk to that person, you guessed it, I need to enter my password.

Almost enough to make me throw up my hands and give up on this “help”.  However, cooler heads prevailed and I decided to get quiet and pray about it for a few minutes.  Much calmer now, thank you.

Will talk to them face to face when I go for my workout today.

Password, indeed.


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