t1larg.temper.tantrumMy body is acting like a petulant two year old.  “No!”

All of these changes, which I know are good for me, are not agreeable to this 52-year-old body.  It wants what it wants and it doesn’t want a lot of exercise and a lot of nutritious food.  It wants a hamburger.

So the changes I’ve  been implementing include a few things which are challenging to me – no flour, no processed sugar, no pasta or rice.  Another challenge is that all meals need to be created at home – no eating out for the foreseeable future.

I’d become very lazy and habitual in my eating habits.  It’s pretty easy to do after so many of years of struggling with food – taking the path of least resistance.  Well, that path was not well chosen and has caused all kinds of issues, the least of which is weight gain.  High cholesterol, high blood pressure, sore knees, acid reflux…ugh.  I was starting to feel like I was 80 and was beginning to see a hover-round at the end of the tunnel.  To all those things, I say “No!”

God gave me one body to care for, and it’s well past time that I take this seriously.  90 days is a kick-start, not a goal with an end.  It is time to get this mind, body and spirit in line with what it was always meant to be.

Vive la révolution! 


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