Say Yes to New Opportunities!

opportunity-screams-asacker-harteToday was the official weigh in for the 90 day challenge…photos…goals set…check.

As I looked around at the information tables and spoke to the many trainers and staff who were made available for us today, I noticed how many opportunities lay before me.

One thing Lifetime is doing is offering something called “Try-it Tuesday”.  Over the course of the next three months, participants can try out such things as “Eat Fit Seminar”, “Grocery Store Tour”, “Intro to Running”, “TEAM Weight Loss”…and many more.  It all culminates in a 90-Day 5K.  All of these things are offered free of charge to those who are willing to accept them.

In years past, I would have ignored this gift.  I figured I had my work out act together and didn’t really need to add more to it – I was just fine.  Wow.  Was I wrong.

As I was speaking to the staff at the Pilates table and signing up for a free “Peek into Pilates” class, I was filled with a sense of gratitude.  How many things in our lives are there for the taking, but we choose to walk right past them?  Pay attention.  There are more things waiting for you than you can even imagine.


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